Navigation Help

This page describes some of the navigation features of this website. We are trying hard to make the information you need available when you need it on the site. The navigation features are listed in an order that is roughly from the top of the page moving to the bottom. We hope you find this helpful.

Website Heading

Every page on the site has a heading at the top of the page. The information contained in the heading is exactly the same for each page so you can move from place to place on the site easily.

  • Logo Area: Clicking on the logo will always take you to the home page.
  • Single Links: Clicking on any of the links between the logo on the left and the search box on the right will lead to single key pages on the site.
  • Primary Tabs: There are five "Tabs" labeled Bible Overview on the left to Daily Devotion on the right. These "Tabs" lead to the five primary sections of the website.
    • Clicking on a tab will take you to the introduction for that section. For example, if you click on the Daily Devotions tab, you will be taken to the introduction page for the devotion.
    • Hovering over a tab (moving your mouse over a tab) will display a group of sub-sections associated with that section of the site. Clicking on one of the sub-sections will take you to the overview page for that sub-section. For example, if you hover over New Testament you will see the books of the Bible that are covered by Ray's messages. If you click on the sub-section Romans, you will be taken to the Romans Overview page.
  • Search Box: This box allows searching the site for the information you are looking for. Simply enter one or more keywords and click the Search button.

Additional Navigation

We placed some addition navigation features inside the pages. Let's say you would like to find a message in Ephesians. You will hover over New Testament Tab in the heading and then click on the Ephesians sub-section. This will take you to the Ephesians Overview page.

  • Content Listing: Scroll down the Ephesians Overview page and you will find a listing of the messages from Ephesians. On the left is the title of the message. On the right, you will find the scripture reference covered by the message. If you click on either the title or the scripture reference, you will be taken to the page containing the message itself. Many times the listing for a message will contain a blue disk with a downward pointing arrow. Clicking on this icon will download the audio associated with the message.
  • Content Pages: A content page is where you will find the text and audio associated with a specific devotion, message, book chapter, conference topic or class. Most of the time you will find the text associated with the content flowing down the left side of the page. If there is audio associated with the page, there will be a block on the right hand side of the page that allow the audio to be played or downloaded. Each of these pages have a special feature that allows the text to be printed in a convenient format and placed in a notebook -- all you need to do is print the page and the formatting will take place automatically.
  • Navigation Arrows: Most of the time you will find a group of three blue arrows on the right side of the page toward the top. Let's say you are reading a message in Ephesians named "But God..." which covers Ephesians 2:4-6. When you click on the left arrow on this page, you will be taken to the message that is on the previous portion of scripture -- in this case, "The Human Dilemma" which covers Ephesians 2:1-3. The right arrow will take you to the message that covers the next portion of scripture. When the up arrow is clicked, you are taken up a level -- in this case the Ephesians Overview page. If you hover over any of the blue arrows, you will be shown the title of the page where you will be taken if you click the arrow.