Featured Scripture for June — Prayer

Since it is obviously true that our minds cannot fully contain all God is, does that limitation diminish our trust in his response to our prayers? Do we fully trust what has been revealed in his Word, and trust him to act accordingly?

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Featured Book

Adventuring Through the Bible

Overview the Gospel of Luke

What is commonly known as The Lord's Prayer begins as a call to Our Father who art in heaven. But this is not actually the Lord's prayer at all — it is the disciples' prayer, the prayer the Lord taught each of us to pray. The true Lord's Prayer is found in John 17. It has been called the holy of holies of the New Testament, for in the shadow of the cross our Lord gathered his disciples in the Upper Room, and in their presence prayed for them before his Father in heaven.

Jesus deliberately prayed this prayer aloud in the presence of his disciples because he wanted them to hear it – and us as well! The basic relationships that Jesus expresses in his prayer between himself and His Father are also the relationships that obtain between Jesus and us. There is a very real sense in which every believer in Jesus Christ can pray this prayer! This prayer was designed to teach us how to pray.

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